MAC’s Small Grants Project FAQ


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Dear Applicants,


We would like to make this process easy and efficient for you. We have compiled these frequently asked questions to help educate you and answer some of the common questions that applicants have had in the past. We hope that you find this information to be helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact the McLain Association for Children with additional questions.




Temuka Gigauri

Program Officer, Small Grants Program

Tel: 555 117474




• What would you suggest as an Idea for my Project?


While we are unable to suggest a specific idea for your project we can inform you that we seek creative approaches to evidence-based needs in your community. The only limitation on scope is that your project meaningfully connects and/or empowers persons with disabilities and/or their families.  When reviewing your applications, we consider, among other things, how many individuals will be assisted through this initiative, the longer-term sustainability/impact of the project, the capacity of the applicant to implement the proposed activities, and the extent to which the proposed intervention offers a compelling solution to the described need.  For more information, please refer to the award details on our website;


• How can I apply?


Visit our website ( to download the Small Grants Program application. Please review the grant program guidelines and the remaining “Frequently Asked Questions” prior to submitting an application. Once you have completed the electronic version of the application narrative and budget, submit these documents via e-mail to:


• Who can apply for a small grants project?


Any individual, non-profit organization, governmental agency, or disabled person organization (DPO) willing to contribute to the development and support of the disability community in Georgia.


• When is the deadline for submitting an application for funding?


We collect applications on a rolling basis and review submissions during the last week of each month. Applications received prior to the 20th of each month will be reviewed during that same month.  Applications received after the 20th of each month will be reviewed during the subsequent month.  For example, if you submit an application on September 13th, we will review your application during the final week of September and provide you with feedback within the first 10 business days of October.  Alternatively, if you submit an application on the 21st of September, we will review your proposal during the last week of October and provide you with feedback during the first 10 business days of November.


• What is the most common level of funding that MAC awards?


Each application is reviewed based on its own merits, including the use of data to define the problem and what evidence/best practices are used to create the solution.  We take into consideration the cost effectiveness of each proposal and encourage you to ask only for the amount required for the project to be successful. Grant funds are limited and, therefore, to responsibly steward donor dollars, we strive to fund proposals that perform activities at a low cost.


• What should be the duration of a project?


Proposed projects should not be longer than 12 months.


• Whom can I contact in case of questions before or after sending in an application?


We encourage you to contact our Program Manager Temo Gigauri. Tel: 555 11 74 74; E-mail: .


• Can we make changes in the grant's budget?


It depends on the changes. Changes that change the mission of your grant will not be allowed. For example, changing the model or brand of equipment to be purchased, which will not change the grant’s mission, is acceptable. If you need to make any changes you are required to inform the McLain Association for Children in writing.


• My application has been awarded funds. Can I alter the project's budget and spend the awarded funds differently than what was proposed?


Before submitting an application, it is important that all necessary research is done to ensure that the planned activities and corresponding budget are purposeful and realistic. If you identify relevant project-related need that requires funds to be spent differently than proposed, contact the McLain Association for Children in writing immediately. We will consider each situation on a case-by-case basis and will make a determination based on the circumstances, rationale, and efficacy of the request. We cannot consider a request for budgetary amendments without the submission of a request in writing.



• What should I do if I have not spent all of the awarded funds by the end of the project's timeline?


Unspent grant funds are the property of the McLain Association for Children (the donor), as defined by Georgian law. In the event that all project funds have not been spent upon completion of the project's timeline, contact the McLain Association for Children in writing immediately.



• If funds are awarded and my project is complete, am I required to submit a post-project financial report and project output narrative?


Yes. The submission of a project report/audit is required to ensure that the awarded funds were spent for the reason(s) that they were requested. Furthermore, this report helps the McLain Association for Children determine if the project met its stated objectives.


• Who reviews my application?


Each submitted application is reviewed by a grant review committee that is comprised of at least 5 people (MAC staff and guest proposal reviewers). Members of the review committee are not eligible to apply for funding. Each application is reviewed, scored, and discussed by the committee prior to each individual making a recommendation. Committee recommendations, scores, and comments are submitted to an Executive Committee for the determination of awarding funding, declining funding, or requesting additional information from the applicant.


• I was awarded funds from the McLain Association for Children’s Small Grant Program in the past. Can I apply for funding again?


You can apply for the funding again only after six months after finalization of your last project.



Call for Proposals | Empowering Persons with Disabilities and their Families.

Deadline:  Ongoing


Award Details


MAC offers small grants up to $4,000 US Dollars in the GEL equivalent; proposals may extend up to 12 months and will be accepted on an ongoing basis.


The purpose of this grant is to further connect and empower persons with disabilities and/or their families. Projects should align with the Call for Proposals. Examples include (but are not limited to) the following:


  • Creation or further development of support groups;
  • Generation of employment/livelihood opportunities;
  • Provision of information about available services/resources;
  • Implementation of activities/services for (or including) persons with a disability.


This grant may not be used to fund any of the following activities:


  • Carrying out of propaganda;
  • Influencing any legislation or the outcome of any public election;
  • Implementing, directly or indirectly, any sort of voter registration drive.


Priority will be given to projects targeting Georgia’s rural areas.

Click for MAC's Small Grants Projects FAQ.



Founded in 2008, MAC serves to improve the lives of Georgia’s vulnerable by providing them the resources and services they need to achieve their full potential.  Georgians with disabilities and their families frequently experience poverty, lack critical services and support, and remain uninformed about their rights and opportunities.  Moreover, they tend to fall victim to persistent stigmas that limit their comfort within, and acceptance into, the larger community.  These compounded problems make persons with disabilities one of the most at-risk populations in the country.


MAC believes that community-based initiatives have a critical role to play in mobilizing, supporting, and empowering both persons with disabilities and those that assist them. This call for proposals is intended as a way of bolstering those efforts.





Eligible candidates include nonprofit organizations, public schools and concerned individuals in Georgia.


DPOs are encouraged to apply.