SHUKI Suqi movida MOVIDA

During the 90's and early 2000's, power outages were frequent in Georgia.  Electricity would typically come to homes for only a few hours each day.  At night people around the country sat by candlelight patiently waiting . . . until, eventually, electric lights burst forth from windows, and cheerful voices carried down the street, "shuki movida," the light has come.



Then, together, we can say, "shuki movida"!  We see better now.

McLain Association for Children (MAC)

Non-Profit Organization


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MAC has a staff of seventeen and hires well-educated professionals both from Georgia and from abroad.  Jeremy Gaskill, a former U. S. Peace Corps Volunteer in Georgia, is its Chief Executive Officer.  Cathy McLain and Rezo Chinchaladze continue, along with Roy Southworth, former country manager of the World Bank in Georgia, as MAC's board and founding members.

MAC's goal is to help disabled and other vulnerable children and adults in the country of Georgia.




  • develops and supports projects.
  • does medical interventions (supplies, procedures, medicines).
  • supports educational endeavors (financially and professionally).
  • provides the expertise for handling disabilities, behavioral management, special needs education, and crisis intervention.


Present projects include:


  • Training for teachers, parents, medical professionals, and community members on disability best practices.
  • Toni 4 -- Nonverbal IQ test with the University of Nebraska.
  • Hotline / Website.
  • Occupational training.
  • Tbilisi State University undergraduate class for credit.
  • Parent's groups in rural areas.
  • Speech therapy training.
  • Magazine for disabilities.
  • Scholarships for vulnerable children, including those with disabilities.  (An entire village in both Imereti and Svaneti have been selected.)
  • Elderly care.
  • Infant House in Tbilisi, institutions in Kutaisi and other parts of Georgia.
  • Autism cooperation and training with Ilia University.
  • SWAP -- University exchange program with the United States.
  • Summer program in rural Georgia for vulnerable children.
  • Evaluation of children with disabilities.



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School 176, Tbilisi




Kindergarten 205, Tbilisi





School 180, Tbilisi

In 2005 children with disabilities in rural Georgia did not have access to services.  Parents and families of these children did not even know what services to expect.  MAC came into existence to combat this twofold problem.


Cathy McLain, an educational psychologist, and Rezo Chinchaladze, an educational specialist, with support from World Vision and Save the Children, first developed programs in Imereti.

MAC's Beginnings

After the 2008 War

It became obvious that a non-governmental organization (NGO) was the only way to reach significant numbers of children, parents, teachers, and other involved individuals.  During the process of establishing the MAC NGO, educational goals broadened to include not only families and schools but also professionals servicing that population.





MAC Non-Profit Organization