MAC’s neuropsychologists and occupational therapists provide a thorough assessment of children’s academic and independent life skills.  The MAC staff uses nonverbal instruments, interviews, observations, charts and inventories to evaluate children’s adaptive and academic skills, memory, perception, language and social abilities, behavior and emotional condition.  Based on the obtained data, the MAC staff writes recommendations for each child.  Recommendations are thus written individually, catering to each child’s unique needs, strengths and weaknesses. The evaluation and recommendation forms are sent to teachers, parents, guardians and caregivers — any party that is interested in the child’s growth and development.


The MAC staff does not ordinarily assess individual cases but covers a group of children at schools, institutions, and so forth.  In order to receive such recommendations, a person must be trained and certified by MAC, so that all terms and activities included in the evaluation and recommendation form are clearly understood.


This service is free of charge.



Occupational Therapy Training

MAC conducts the following trainings in occupational therapy:


  • Overview of occupational therapy,
  • Everyday activities,
  • Adaptive equipment,
  • Fine / gross motor activities,
  • Sensory integration training,
  • Infant and child feeding and swallowing,
  • Range of motion and transfer.


The occupational therapists at MAC work with people of all ages, ranging from infants to the elderly, with a variety of illnesses and/or injuries.  They provide individual services that include assessments, interventions, family training, written and oral recommendations for each person.  They also teach parents and family members how to use the recommendations, make adaptations to them to fit individual needs, and provide monitoring.


Scholarships in Dzevri (Imereti) and Latali (Svaneti)

MAC strives to improve education in Georgia and to help everyone maximize their own potential for learning.  Thus, MAC has established scholarships for students at the schools in Dzevri and Latali, remote and picturesque little villages in rural, mountainous Georgia.

A student who has attended either of these schools for three (3) years and who has demonstrated high academic achievement and effort in learning English will, upon graduation, be able to apply for a university scholarship.  His/her university tuition will be covered by MAC.


Private Tutoring

Mac provides private, after-school tutors for students from both Dzevri and Latali.

Regional Educational Programs


Each month MAC’s professionals conduct sessions in inclusive educational and/or behavioral management.  Since MAC is committed to providing help in places that need the most attention, almost all training takes place in regional areas.



Currently, MAC provides 4 types of trainings:


  1. Inclusive Educational Training – Duration: 4 days.  Participants receive a certificate from MAC when completed.
  2. Inclusive Educational Training for Certified Teachers – Duration:  7 days.  Participants receive a certificate from MAC that verifies attendance at a 2-credit course when completed.
  3. Behavioral Management Training – Duration:  2 days.  Participants receive a certificate from MAC in behavioral management when completed.
  4. Inclusive Educational Training for Kindergarten Staff – Duration:  3 days.  Participants receive a certificate from MAC when completed.

The goal of the training is to help professionals working in the field formulate a strategy for every child.  Training contains both lecture and interaction, slide shows, videos and real-life examples.


Participants receive corresponding certificates.  In order to receive a certificate of completion, participants must fulfill two requirements:

01.  Complete a minimum  attendance of 85% of training hours.

02.  Receive a minimum passing grade on the final test.


If you would like to book a training course, please contact MAC’s office or a staff member by sending us a request via e-mail and attach a list of potential participants.  (See the Contact Page of this website for e-mail information.) The minimum number of participants is 20, with a maximum of 25.  No training is provided for groups comprised of less than 20 people.


MAC's services are free of charge.




Educational and Behavioral Management Training

0 801 200 202.


This service is completely free of charge.

MAC offers a new and unique service in Georgia:  A disability information hotline!  It targets parents, teachers, students, people with physical and mental  challenges and anyone who is interested in disabilities, inclusive education, available services or other related issues.  Hotline serves two purposes:


1. A MAC specialist is ready to answer any questions and give professional advice on a specific disorder.

2. If MAC cannot provide the requested service, our representative will direct you to a person or organization that can give you specialized help.


We cover information on:  Social help and resources, disability rights, rehabilitation centers, state institutions, professional societies, neurological departments, and home care.  We also provide information about particular disorders.



Please call:

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